Think a Part Is Just a Part? Think Again

The reasons you bought your Ford are the same reasons you should only replace damaged parts with Original Ford Collision Parts.

Not All Collision Parts Are Created Equal

When you use Original Ford Parts in your repairs, you can be sure they will have a precise fit and help provide long-lasting reliability to bring your vehicle back to optimal performance.

Every new part goes through rigorous testing to meet the highest governmental safety standards before being placed in a Ford Motor Company vehicle. These parts are tested independently, and also tested to work with the vehicle as a system, something that the aftermarket neither does nor has the means to do.
Your wheels bear the weight of your vehicle, so if they are cracked or bent, any stress from driving can damage them even more.
“Fixing” wheel rims may leave the metal weakened, which can cause further damage to the wheel or tire, and can even lead to an accident.
Your windshield is a structural component of your vehicle. It must fit perfectly to perform and protect the way Ford engineers designed it to.
Aftermarket windshields aren’t built and tested to fit or work as a system like OEM parts. Only Ford OEM windshields are built to perfectly fit your Ford vehicle.
Chips or cracks can compromise windshield strength, which can affect how your vehicle protects you and your passengers in a collision.
Damage to sheet metal is more than just cosmetic. Sheet metal protects the highly advanced parts and systems in your doors, roof, bumpers and more.
Make sure a reputable Collision Shop inspects sheet metal damage to make sure it’s nothing more than a dent that can be bumped out.
Newer model vehicles use high-strength sheet metals, such as military-grade aluminum. Aftermarket suppliers aren’t equipped like Ford to replicate this metal.
High-strength, military-grade aluminum manufactured by Ford should not be repaired by just anyone. Find an aluminum-capable Ford or independent collision shop here.
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Our Promise

Ford Collision parts are designed and engineered for your specific vehicle. That means each new Original Ford Collision Part is built to maintain the quality, safety and integrity you expect as a Ford owner. We promise that every new Ford part is rigorously tested to work with your vehicle as a system and to meet the highest governmental safety and quality standards. You bought a Ford, and when you choose Ford Collision parts, you keep it a Ford.

The Ford Collision Parts Difference

When you choose Original Ford Collision Parts, you choose quality, safety, integrity, durability and authenticity.

See the Difference

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